Le Ville Lucchesi
Le Vie del Vino
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Le Vie del Vino

On your way round, vineyards you could cali at, would include:

"Fattoria Colleverde" at Matraia, just after S.Pancrazio. Signora Pardini and Signor Pietro Tartagni. Very pretty vineyards (D.O.C.)

"Tenuta di Valgiano" at Valgiano, on the road from Matraia to Segromigno. Signor Perrini. A real working vineyard. (D.O.C.).

"Fattoria Maionchi" at Tofori, north of Segromigno. Signora Maria Pia Maionchi. Ras a "bar" and regularly `Iaccommodates" parties. (D.O.C.).

"Fattoria di Fubbiano" at San Gennaro, on the road from Tofori to Petrognano, 1 Km above `Maionchi'. Dott. GianPiero de Andreis. Probably Lucca's most well-known producer. (D.O.C.).

"Fattoria di Petrognano" in the little villàge of Petrognano above Tofori. Signora Maria Sofia Gambaro. Old olive grinding wheel on show. (D.O.C.).

"Erasmo's" at Ponte a Moriano, just north of the `cittadino proper'- in the garden.

"Antonella's", which is next to the Fattoria di Petrognano; always open Sunday but not too often other days, unless booked. See page 7.

NOTE: At several of the vineyards you will find that, in addition to wine and olive oil, they also offer locai honey, jams, preserved fruits and baked confections.

From the Colli Lucchesi to Montecarlo, for another selection of vineyards, is no distance at ali. Due south.
NOTE:In May is "Cantine Aperte"- usually the fast Sunday - when every (or nearly so) vineyard opens its doors from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., for you to sample; and they put on a buffet too! Super!!

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