Way back in Roman times people were aware of the benefit of their water, but from a parchment dated 03 april 1291 it was found that a document was signed whereby the first Company was established for the use of the thermal water at “Bagno alla Villa”, which was in fact how Bagni di Luccawas called in those days.
During the Italian Renaissance period it became an important European cultural centre. Even Lord Byron and Shelley and his wife mary (here she wrote a few pages of her “Frankestein”) stayed in Bagni di Lucca. Also Heinrich Heine and Eugenio Montale, the Browining couple and Henry James, Montesque and Puccini stayed here.

There are 19 springs of natural hot (up to 54°) waters rich in mineral salts in the “jean Varraud” and “casa Boccella” establishment, of different concentration, thermality and radioactive activity. Here you can have variuos treatments which cannot be found in other Spas: immersion baths, mud treatments, sauna in natural steam caves and inhalation. The main hydrothermal therapies are for the cure of arthrorheumatic, bronchopneumonial, vascular and gynaecological pathologies. In the new “ouida Center” for beauty treatment, there are programs of: body scrub, the “Jean Varroud” mud treatment, thermal bath with specific massage, or the “ancient deterging” to eliminate toxine and give your skin a new brightness.

Bagni di Lucca offers other the traditional spa treatments the Wellness Fitness Psychotherapy Centre of Villa Demidoff, “Villaggio Globale”. It is situated along the Camaione river, built by Prince Anatoli Demidoff; it is a perfect place where it’s possible a total relax in very charming atmosphere. A Center oriented to the development of the human potentialities, to the health of the body and the evolution of the mind and the spirit, to the love for the nature and the respect for the human values, to the search of unit and synthesis between science, art and spirituality.

Besides the ancient thermal establishments there is a swimming pool in the Villa Ada park with three outdoor and two indoor pools. Here you can drink the spring water for the cure of various stomach and kidney diseases.


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